Black Diamond Solutions is an Authorized Brightsign Partner & Integrator. We provide custom interfaces for all of the input and output capability you need for Brightsign Media Players. Buttons, touch buttons, touch panels, gesture sensors -- just to name a few.

Our retail, commercial, and institutional customers turn to us for a wide range of input / output technologies to interface with Brightsigns. From wireless buttons to supporting a large number of inputs, from RGB (red, green, and blue) LED lighting control to extended range audio switching, we have the solutions to meet every Brightsign interfacing need.  What can we create for you?

Brightsign Interfaces

Easily connect multiple controllers and buttons into a Brightsign.

BDS-5112 6 Port Interface

  • USB connection to the Brightsign Series 3&4 units

  • 6 ports for six lighted buttons, motion detectors, distance sensors, RGB lighting controllers, Addressable LED controllers, CEC controllers & much more


Make the Brightsign communicate with anything you need it to.

BDS-5191 12 Port Interface

Versatile Controller with lots of inputs

  • USB connection to the Brightsign Series 3&4 units

  • 12 PH4 ports for lighted push buttons or touch buttons

  • Ports can also be used for outputs – Lighting controllers and other options

  • Daisy chain boards for even more inputs/outputs

  • Serial TTL ports available

BDS-5514 RGB+ Controller

Add On controller for RGB lighting control

  • 3 Dimmable (PWM) ports

  • 1 On/Off port

  • 5v-12v 

BDS-5513 Addressable LED Controller

Add On controller for running a string of Addressable LED’s

  • Library of Macro’s enables 1 command to run a lighting sequence

BDS-5140 CEC Controller

  • Multiple dongles can be used to independently control multiple CEC devices.

  • Control TV’s and other AV devices via HDMI cable. The best way to make sure they are powered, set to the correct input and volume level.

BDS-5120 Conductor 4 – Audio Controller

Interface to all Brightsign Series 3 & 4 units

  • Four individually-controlled audio outputs

  • Volume control

  • Extended Audio Range (20Hz - 40kHz) & High Resolution Audio (32bit, 192kbps)

  • Built for both line level and headphone level output

  • Autosensing Auxiliary audio input for customer's audio

  • Easily connect up to 6 Push buttons or Touch buttons (PHR4 2mm Headers)

  • IR & Serial TTL ports available (Custom programming required)

BDS-5112 Director 2

BDS-5112 Director 2


BDS-5191 12 Port Interface (Click to enlarge)


Conductor 4 – Audio Controller (Click to enlarge)

Examples of Brightsign Custom
Interfaces we have made in the past:

Soundbar Switcher A

  • Ethernet connection to Brightsign for UDP control

  • 2 Switched Optical Outputs

  • 2 Independent CEC controllers for controlling the Soundbars

  • 9 Push Button ports

Soundbar Switcher B

  • USB connection to Brightsign powered Touch Screen

  • 4 Switched Optical Outputs

  • 4 12V LED strip drivers

  • 1 Addressable LED strip driver

Soundbar Switcher C

  • USB connection to Brightsign

  • 4 Switched Optical Outputs

  • 6 Push Button ports

  • Option – Use 4 of the Button ports to run 4 Independent CEC controllers using BDS-5140’s.

CEC controller for running many TV’s from a single Brightsign

We have the technology to make more than 6 TVs work without crashing the CEC bus.  Call us for the details.


Soundbar Switcher A (Click to enlarge)


Soundbar Switcher B (Click to enlarge)


Soundbar Switcher C (Click to enlarge)

Gesture control interface for Brightsign Media Players and BDS Audio Players.

Input Devices 


Wireless Buttons 

Touch Buttons 

Touch Panels 

Touch Screen 

Large number of Buttons 

Motion Detectors 

Gesture Sensors 

Distance switches 

Contact Closures 

Output Devices 

Audio Switching 

CEC Control 

RGB Lighting control 

LED Lighting Control 

Addressable LED control 

Interface/control other products 

Audio Volume Control 



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