Black Diamond Solutions is an Authorized Brightsign Partner & Integrator. We provide the Brightsign player programming/scripting that is necessary to create interactivity, including enable buttons, touch panels, gesture controllers and other input devices, as well as control lights, audio switching, consumer electronics controls (CEC) and other output devices. We also provide Brightsign support for the interactive electronics that we deliver to our B2B and B2C clients.

Black Diamond Solutions creates Brightsign custom electronics that are designed to drive Interactive Merchandising technology solutions that are used in the demanding retail environment. Owing to our expertise, customers that turn to us are assured of custom retail merchandising solutions that will deliver results. Using our Brightsign programming ability, we provide custom interfaces for all the input and output capability you need for Brightsign Media Players.

By utilizing our customization services, we can design and produce the exact system you need when standard products can’t deliver the solution you’re looking for. As an interactive electronics provider, our hardware engineering and programming provides our clients and partners with unique, customized technology solutions.


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