int-AR-act Technologies’
Queue Management System

When int-AR-act Technologies needed a partner to create a customer queue management system, they turned to Black Diamond Solutions and we delivered. Queue management systems move shoppers efficiently through a bank-style checkout lane. To be effective, they need to be robust and reliable, or they create more confusion than guidance. For this project, our team rapidly designed a prototype, tested it in-store, and built the final units. 

Prior to Black Diamond’s development of this queue management system, our research revealed that many retailers were using systems that relied on re-purposed garage door openers which often broke from heavy usage, needed batteries replaced regularly, and were easily lost. A customer 'call forward' system has three elements - a button for the cashier to push, a register number indicator, and a processor that ties it all together. 

The Black Diamond team used BrightSign technology coupled with function-dedicated, internet-secure Linux OS and customizable video presentation, to create a compelling visual presentation. Using a proximity detector, Black Diamond created the perfect button for the system which senses a person's finger with no moving parts. The button was also integrated with a transmitter so the buttons can signal the controller wirelessly for easier installation and dedicated power was added to each unit so that no batteries were required. 

This system – called Qbuster – is driven by technology that was previously unavailable in the queue management marketplace prior to its creation by Black Diamond Solutions, and is currently in place in over 3000 stores in North America.


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