When int-AR-act Technologies needed a partner to create a customer queue management system, they turned to Black Diamond Solutions and we delivered. Queue management systems move shoppers efficiently through a bank-style checkout lane. To be effective, they need to be robust and reliable, or they create more confusion than guidance. For this project, our team rapidly designed a prototype, tested it in-store, and built the final units. 

The opportunity was that the queue management system currently in the stores had become too expensive to maintain.  We would have to determine how to create an entirely new system to replace it.  This specific retailer had more than 3,000 stores with an average of 10 cash registers per store.  There would be no tolerance for even a small percentage of failures over the required 7-year life of the system.  

We started with the video delivery system, replacing it with a BrightSign media player because it easily integrates into a network to update the video content that plays while the customer is waiting in line. More importantly it is much more reliable than a PC which was at the heart of the existing system.   

Another opportunity; this retailer had several store chains each with a different color scheme.  That lead the design team to create a LED panel that could match any color scheme for the cash register positions. They would also need to turn off automatically at night to save energy.   

Finally, the button that the cashier pressed to call the customer to their position was a garage door opener in the existing system. Batteries needed to be replaced regularly which was costly.  The buttons often failed because they were not designed for the thousands of presses they had to withstand.  We created a custom wireless transceiver system using our proximity button which incorporates proprietary technology.  These buttons can withstand millions of activations without failure because they have no moving parts. 

During the development process our design engineers were available for all customer presentations answering technical questions and suggesting design changes. The new product was quickly and easily adopted by int-AR-act’s customer.