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Addressable LED Interface BDS-5475

Active lighting effects using Addressable LED Strips.


Addressable LEDs allow each LED to be controlled individually. This enables effects such as motion or being able to turn on a section at a time to highlight or indicate a product. The Interface has uses built in macros to easily create a variety of effects such as marque, pong and comet.


Interface Connections: Mini USB, Wireless*
# of outputs: 2 Addressable LED Strips (type 2812B)
Maximum LED Strip Length: 255 LED’s
Maximum Total Current: 10A
LED power supply connection:  Screw terminal
LED’s & LED power supply not included
Case size: 2.9” x 4.2” x 1.1”


Case with mounting flange (height increases to 5.1”)
OmniLink Wireless card & 5V Power Supply
Addressable LED Strips & Power Supplies


Addressable LED Interface Cut Sheet

Compatible with:
OmniLink Wireless card
BrightSign with USB port
All OmniLink Hubs


*OmniLink Wireless Card required to enable wireless feature.


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