For over a decade, Black Diamond Solutions has developed and manufactured stock and custom electronics for retail interactive merchandising as well as commercial applications. Owing to our experience and expertise, customers that turn to us are assured of technology solutions that deliver results. We can make it all possible, quickly and easily. You’ve got a vision – we can create the solution.


OmniLink from Black Diamond Solutions provides interfaces for all the input-output capability you need for BrightSign Media Players. This includes push buttons, touch panels, motion detectors, gesture sensors, audio switching, addressable LED interfaces, and consumer electronics controls – just to name a few. Mix and match using OmniLink by plugging an interface device directly into a BrightSign or add a controller to use several interface devices. Wireless control options are also available. 


The Entry Manager regulates occupancy levels in retail stores and other establishments by using sensors at entrances and exits to track how many people are in a space and provides entry as well as wait instructions to enforce capacity limits. Entry Manager was designed to help businesses manage occupancy levels without the expense of hourly labor, and to maximize public safety by complying with local and state regulations related to social distancing. 


You have a smart Building Automation System (BAS) but you want more from it. Black Diamond Solutions can help with our NetLink line of Smart Infrastructure products. We have a range of button panels, indicator panels, input-output devices and custom products to get more functionality from your networked BAS.


Black Diamond Solutions can design and produce components from scratch for commercial application when standard, currently available systems do not meet your needs. Our process is to deliver customized, multipurpose B2B technology solutions that are designed and built to industry quality standards and are optimized for end users.