If You’re Tired of Using Pushbuttons on Your Display, Touch Buttons Can Provide a Fresh, New Look

Black Diamond Solutions’ Intelligent Touch Buttons are touch sensitive buttons with brains. Just like a computer touchscreen, a touch sensitive button senses the presence of the user’s finger. Most applications use either one, four, or eight buttons, but – theoretically – there’s no limit to the amount of touch sensitive buttons that can be used in one device.

“Touch buttons should be your first consideration for your input device. They can be any shape or size, providing the graphic artist with complete control over the look of the interface,” said President and CEO Tucker McLane. “They easily integrate with your graphics and can be illuminated with a more modern look than the old round pushbutton.”

Using touch buttons, you’ll have more control over the presentation by using size, color and light to better guide the user’s experience. A logo, picture of your product, or thumbnail of a movie can become an active button. Then, you can rest assured that they’ll work longer and better than any pushbutton you’ve ever used.

For 20 years, we have designed and deployed tens of thousands touch buttons with a resulting failure rate that is too low to measure.

Why Do Some Touch Buttons Work Better Than Others?

The primary reason some touch buttons work better than others is because not all touch buttons work the same way. The problems that have plagued touch buttons have been rooted in the free software that the microprocessor companies have provided.

“Sure, the software works, but the diverse algorithms have yielded varied levels of success. For example, if the touch buttons don’t self-calibrate they can act unpredictably in changing environments like those found in retail stores or where temperature and humidity frequently changes,” said Chief Technology Officer Leo Iodice. “They can also be affected by slight tolerance changes during manufacturing.”

At Black Diamond Solutions, we use proprietary technology in our Intelligent Touch Buttons and that makes all the difference.

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