Hand Gesture Navigation – Customize Your Interactive Merchandising

As an Authorized Brightsign Partner & Integrator, Black Diamond Solutions can provide you with custom interfaces for your interactive merchandising, including hand gesture navigation.

Our extensive research and development coupled with our merchandising expertise has produced many unique and highly intuitive customer experiences; hand gesture technology is just one of them. It provides an ideal solution for navigating a large amount of products or data. By using our hand gesture technology, retail customers can achieve the highest level of control without an expensive tablet or touchscreen to browse for available merchandise.

To utilize the custom interface, a customer simply uses hand gestures to change images that appear on the screen. Up, down, left, right, and push are just some of the possible interactions. It can also be used to control one of our high-resolution audio players.

In addition to hand gesture technology, we can create custom interfaces for use with buttons, touch buttons, touch panels, tablets, and intelligent motion detectors to control your Brightsign Media Players. All are easily connected by Ethernet, USB or GPIO.

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