You have a smart Building Automation System (BAS) but you want more from it.  Black Diamond Solutions can help with our NetLink line of Smart Infrastructure products. We have a range of button panels, Indicator panels, IO Devices and custom products to get more functionality from your networked Building Automation System.  

Button panels can be located in classrooms, hospital rooms, receptionist desk, supervisor’s office and other locations where you need a few discreet buttons to full situation control with lots of selections. The interfaces can also be used as indicator panels notifying the supervisor where/what is happening and to easily acknowledge, mute or escalate the problem.  Put the user control where you need it – Near the user.  

IO Devices are a cost-effective way to incorporate standalone devices into your Building Automation System.  Your device with a contact closure can be incorporated to trigger notifications and automatic actions in your BAS.  The BAS can also send contact closures to your device. Our Serial Interface allows your device to send Serial information (such as temperature) to the BAS for monitoring and automating over/under temperature alarms.

Our Buttons are configured to your needs, terminology and corporate identity.  Our systems can connect through Ethernet, Wi-Fi or PoE to your central server.  AES encryption keeps your data secure.