Our commercial solutions include state-of-the-art building automation systems that can be implemented in corporate offices, manufacturing plants, schools and universities, laboratories, and hospitals – just to name a few. We also have extensive experience creating customer queue management systems that are currently in place in thousands of retail stores throughout North America.

We can design and produce the exact system you need when standard products can’t deliver the solution you’re looking for. As an interactive electronics provider, our hardware engineering provides our clients and partners with unique, customized technology solutions. Using our unique expertise, we develop unique customer experience-driven solutions, and we can provide a prototype as well as production items that efficiently and effectively meet your needs. 


Our retail merchandising solutions include off-the-shelf systems that can be implemented on short notice for projects that require quick turn-around times, as well custom merchandising solutions that are designed and manufactured to meet your specific needs. Using rapid prototyping of interactive electronics, our manufacturing experts will keep your project on schedule.

For over a decade, Authorized Brightsign Partner Black Diamond Solutions has been creating interactive electronics and merchandising applications that are used in the demanding retail environment. Owing to our skill and extensive experience, our customers are assured of retail solutions that will deliver results.