We have been creating electronics to drive retail technology solutions for use in the demanding retail environment for over 20 years.

You've got a vision; we create the solution. Whether it's one of our off-the-shelf systems, or if we need to design and manufacture a custom system specifically for your project. Our rapid prototyping interactive electronics provider team can create it. Our quick turn manufacturing merchandising experts keep you on schedule.

Authorized Brightsign Partner Black Diamond Solutions provides custom interfaces for all the input and output capability you need for Brightsign Media Players, including buttons, touch screens, motion detectors, gesture sensors, audio switching, and consumer electronics controls – just to name a few.

It may sound intimidating. Don't fret.  Black Diamond Solutions retail merchandising experts design team walk you through the process:

·         We work with your team to define your solution

·         We create a proposed solution and cost estimates

·         Rapid prototyping creates a proof-of-concept for your review - you get a fully functional system to evaluate

·         We make any necessary changes. Your custom solution goes to production

New custom merchandising solutions can be created in as little as six weeks.

what can we build for you?

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