The BDS NetLink 16 Port I/O Interface is a device to send/receive contact closures between external devices and the Siemens Desigo Building Automation System. The device can be connected to the network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Multiple units can be connected to provide up to 160 ports on a single IP address. The BDS NetLink 16 Port I/O Interface has many options to tailor it to your needs.


BDS-5720-ETH Wi-Fi & Ethernet Network Connection with external Power Supply

BDS-5720-POE PoE powered Ethernet Network Connection

BDS-5720-ADD Add on unit to connect to a 5720-ETH/POE unit.


  • All 16 ports are individually configurable to be Inputs or Outputs.
  • Input ports can be dry contact closures or up to 24V trigger
  • Outputs can support up to 60V/0.4A
  • LED’s to indicate Port status when triggered
  • Includes pluggable screw terminals for connecting I/O’s
  • Up to 9 Add on units can be chained to a single ETH/POE unit for up to 160 I/O ports on a single IP address
  • Network setup through built in Wi-Fi configuration menu for easy setup of Network Wi-Fi Login and IP address configuration
  • AES network encryption available for secure communication with the server
  • 5-24VDC power input using screw terminals for ETH version
  • Device size is 6.5”L x 3.8”W x 1.25”H
  • Mounting flanges standard


Up to 10 I/O Interfaces can be chained together using 1 Master Interface and up to 9 Add on Interfaces. When multiple units are chained together they are each given a unique address via a 0-9 position rotary encoder. Master Interface must always be set to 0. Add On chain is connected to the IN jack on the Master Interface.

I/O Port pluggable connectors are provided for 16-24 AWG wire.Power Supply screw terminals are provided for 12-26 AWG wire.
Power Supply range: 5-24VDC PoE complies with IEEE802.3af standard.

Input/Output Settings: Each Port must be set to Input (WET), Input (DRY) or Output (OUT) as appropriate. Use the black jumper (shown in Red for illustration) to select one of the three options for each port.


No voltage or current is supplied by the I/O device.The NetLink will send a signal to sense the contact closure in the I/O device. When the contact closure is sensed the NetLink will send a triggered status to the network.

5V to 24V is supplied by the I/O device to trigger the NetLink which will then send a triggered status to the network. Polarity must be observed. Left wire is positive. Right wire is ground as plugged into the NetLink unit.


3V to 60V is supplied by the I/O device. The Netlink will provide a contact closure to the I/O device when the close command is received from the network. Port stays triggered until an open command is received.