The process of creating custom electronics seems daunting, but don’t fret we’ve been making it easy for over 10 years. Here is our six-step process.

1. Tell us what you want to accomplish

This is usually done with a short discussion with our design team.

2. BDS evaluates possible solutions

We’ll evaluate ideas for the most cost effective way to create a simple and reliable product which will be easy to use and install. Special attention is given to ease of assembly and maintainability.

3. The plan

Then we prepare a plan that communicates the functionality to all the stakeholders in an easy to understand presentation using visual diagrams. It includes lead times and price quotes for prototypes and final production.At this point you have incurred no costs.

4. Create a prototype

Following customer approval, Black Diamond designs a prototype. In most cases, the first prototype is hand built and often combines our off-the-shelf components to quickly deliver a “works like”sample. This sample is often completed within one week. The prototype is fully functional and is excellent for proving out the overall system interactivity.  

5. Design

Once the functionality is approved, Black Diamond designs a custom circuit board that incorporates the physical design requirements, such as making it as small as possible and easy to install. When multiple approvals are required, BDS can produce several prototypes in a time frame of roughly two weeks. 

6. Delivery

After final approval, Black Diamond produces circuit boards and any required custom cables and/or buttons. These items are usually delivered as bulk parts but can also be made in finished cases and kits when needed. Quantities up to 5,000 are typically delivered in 4 to 6 weeks. 

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