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Touch Panel Interface BDS-5450

Touch buttons or Touch panels for buttons with limitless graphic options and easy cleaning.


Touch Panels are mounted behind an acrylic graphic panel and are activated by pressing the graphic. There is a standard 4 button panel, or the panel size, number of buttons and button locations can be customized to the project. The limitless graphic options and easy cleaning make touch panels a great option. The graphic panel can be changed to easily update the look or function.

The Touch panels can be connected to the BrightSign via USB or to an OmniLink Hub using a PH4 cable. Power is provided by the BrightSign or Hub.


Interface Connections: Mini USB, Serial, Wireless**
Acrylic thickness: ¼” maximum
Standard panel: 3” x 4” with 4 touch buttons


Standard: 4 button T layout
Custom Design: panel size, # of buttons and button locations designed to your requirement. Wireless and battery operation can also be included.


Compatible with:
BrightSign with USB port
All OmniLink Hubs


*Additional hardware required


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