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The team at Black Diamond Solutions can design and produce the exact system you need when standard products can’t deliver the solution you’re looking for. As an interactive electronics provider, our start-to-finish hardware engineering services provide our clients and partners with unique, customized, technology solutions. With our 20+ years of experience developing unique, customer experience driven solutions, Black Diamond Solutions can provide prototype as well as production items that efficiently and effectively meet your needs. 

For over a decade, Authorized Brightsign Partner Black Diamond Solutions has been creating interactive electronics that are designed to drive Interactive Merchandising technology solutions that are used in the demanding retail environment. Owing to our expertise, customers that turn to us are assured of custom retail merchandising solutions that will deliver results. Using our Brightsign programming ability, we provide custom interfaces for all the input and output capability you need for Brightsign Media Players.


About Black Diamond solutions

Black Diamond Solutions has engineered and designed custom electronics for retail merchandising and commercial applications across a wide range of industries. Owing to our experience and expertise, customers that turn to us are assured they will obtain systems that deliver results. Whether it’s one of our off-the-shelf systems or a unique solution that we design and manufacture specifically for your project, our rapid prototyping team can create it and our quick-turnaround manufacturing process will keep your project on schedule.






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